Personal Night Retreat at Spa Escape in North Stamford
with B.M.W. Acupuncture (weekend only)

Find your way to heal body & mind.

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Evening Session: Deep relaxation with the healing of light with acupuncture and soft massage; with a choice of a Dead Sea mask for your body & face, hot stones, guided meditation in the soothing atmosphere.

About 2hr 30min
$250 (1 session only)

Wake up to a Tasty Breakfast!

With a choice of a hot breakfast for an additional $30.

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Morning Session: Facial Rejuvenating treatment with all necessary modalities: light, needles, electrodes, masks, paraffin, bio-revitalizers.

about 1hr 30min
$150 (1 session only)
$300 (evening & morning sessions)

Please make reservations on AirBnb ( and contact me directly for details at (646) 769-0478.